Before people enquire, with regard to lessons in an automatic, it is important that they realise the limitations of the licence, as many are not aware that they would need to take a separate test to then be able to drive a manual gearbox.

It is, therefore, quite rare for people to enquire about driving lessons in an automatic and when they do I take time to explain the above limitations, because it is often just the fear of driving in the ‘real world’ that influences them into thinking that they would be incapable of driving a manual. Once they have had a go in the manual, in a traffic free and guaranteed safe environment, they quickly realise that it is not so difficult.

Having then gained a full licence they then have a choice whether or not to drive an automatic.

For those who would rather learn to drive an ‘automatic car’ I unfortunately do not provide such a car with dual-controls. However I have taught, over the years, many who provided their own automatic vehicle and I am more than happy to continue offering this as part of my service.

Allan Banks Driving Instructor Qualifications and Accreditations Worthing