I started teaching full time in 1982 then, having completed my training through the British School of Motoring, I worked for a Littlehampton based driving school from 1984 to 1988. Allan Banks School of Motoring was established in March 1988.

From a wealth of experience gathered over decades teaching all sectors of society with varied abilities, including other nationalities with poor knowledge of English, my style of teaching has evolved from being rigidly syllabus based to flexibly pupil centred. I have always and will continue to evaluate my results in order to optimise my teaching strategies and hence improve my skills even further. Helping people to achieve has and will always bring me great satisfaction.

Every individual has their own learning strengths and anxiety levels when faced with a new experience such as driving on our very busy British roads not to mention the stressful objective of passing both Theory and Practical Driving tests. The skill that I bring to this is to continually evaluate the individual propensities of each pupil in order to employ the best teaching strategy at every stage. Anxiety can then be minimised and rapidly defused such that learning becomes maximised.

Each lesson, which is a minimum of one hour, is centred on the individual needs of the pupil. Realistic targets are pre-planned and attained by using the most efficient and productive strategy. Some learn best from demonstration, others by verbal analysis, some by formulas and systems just to highlight some of the more obvious methods. All methods can be adapted but all are communication based, thus anxiety is minimised and eventually relieved to achieve ultimate learning, satisfaction and enjoyment. For example, I can say ‘left and right’ in twenty different languages and for the extremely nervous I have an RSA in ‘Counselling Skills’. In this environment people learn at their quickest. The objective being ‘safe driving for life’ in as few lessons as possible to give real value for money.
The ‘Driving Standards Agency’ has calculated that successful ‘driving test’ candidates have received, on average, 45 professional lessons in addition to 20 hours private practice. Click Driving Test Are you ready
However, pupils, taught by myself, rarely take more than 35 lessons usually having received no private practice. Indeed many pass having received less than 25 lessons from being a complete beginner.

Furthermore, I have had experience of teaching people with hearing and physical impairments in adapted vehicles. For more detailed information on this topic click www.qef.org.uk

For the theory test, learning support can be provided, for example cut price CD ROMs covering both multiple choice questions and hazard perception. You can sample a theory test right now by clicking theory-tests
Maybe test your consistency with these next 6:
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6. test-paper f

Now you could test your ‘hazard perception’ by clicking hazard perception test

To view the ‘highway code’ online go to: highway code

I am ‘Pass Plus’ registered. The ‘Pass Plus’ scheme has become ever more popular as it can significantly reduce car insurance premiums and a large part of it involves motorway driving which learners cannot experience on a provisional licence. For further details visit Pass Plus Scheme

To book a theory or practical test go to: www.direct.gov.uk/bookpracticaltest

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Or phone: 0300 200 1122

Should you be concerned that over-anxiety could result in ‘test failure’ then visit www.testangel.com

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