I provide new high quality manual vehicle lessons that, being dual-controlled, guarantees I have total control over any situation that may arise. Every pupil driving my car can therefore learn stress free, in the full knowledge that nothing will be allowed to go dangerously wrong.

I must at this point highlight that although safety is guaranteed, with well-planned and structured lessons, suitably tailored to the pupil’s level of expertise and confidence and at every stage of the entire syllabus, it is rare to need to use the dual-controls as a safety measure.

However dual-controls can give the added benefit of being used as a teaching aid for both automatic and manual driving lessons, and have found this to be their most constructive and common use.

All people learning with myself will at a very early stage, discover that they are developing a sense of self-belief in their own ability, even those who bring high levels of self-doubt and or learning difficulties and those who are extremely nervous.

The length of lessons are also structured to the individual needs of the pupil. Anything from 1 hour up to a full day. Intensive driving courses, up to a full week, are often an efficient strategy for certain individuals

It is due to this level of diligence, experience and therefore expertise, that the maximum possible learning is created which, in turn, gives the pupil the best possible “value for money” during their manual driving lessons, since that person is going to learn in as few lessons as are relevant to them.

For those pupils who have use of their own private vehicle, even though it is non dual-controlled, I am more than happy to teach them in that vehicle.
However, it is usual for them to have reached a high level of self-sufficiency in my driving school car before transferring to their own vehicle.

Allan Banks Driving Instructor Qualifications and Accreditations Worthing