Driving Assessments

For large companies, employing a fleet of drivers whether for sales or deliveries, there can be extreme expenses for car insurance &, significantly, nowadays, fuel expenses & maintenance. Should accidents be occurring then there lingers the increased threat of significant annual insurance premium increases.

It is fair to say that the drivers, themselves, are often under intense pressure to reach destinations within time restrictions & can, therefore, be driving in a style that does no favours for road safety, fuel economy or vehicle sympathy.

What I can offer is an initial meeting with the company’s transport manager to discuss their particular needs for cost saving & to then discuss & design a strategy to attain positive results.

This may necessitate a ‘power point’ presentation, initially, to the fleet of drivers under scrutiny. Followed by an individual assessment of each driver in order to enhance his/her skill to achieve greater safety & fuel efficiency without compromising their aim to reach a destination by a certain time.

The ‘power point’ presentation may not be necessary but the individual driving assessments are essential if real cost savings are to be achieved.

It is usually best that follow up assessments are conducted as it is normal for drivers to slip back to old habits particularly with our current nationwide traffic congestion problems. These follow up assessments ought to be conducted within a time span of no more than 3 years.